Wolf Herrings
By Seishi Kimura

Chirocentrus dorab

Medium to large-sized silvery fishes; maximum size about 1 m SL. Body elongate and strongly compressed without pelvic scutes. Two fang-like teeth on upper jaw; a series of canine teeth on lower jaw. Eyes relatively small, with eyelids completely covering eyes. Gill rakers 17-22; branchiostegal rays 8. No spinous fin rays; dorsal-fin with 16-19 rays, its origin just above anal-fin origin, its base shorter than anal-fin base; anal fin with 30-35 rays; caudal fin deeply forked; pelvic fins small, abdominal, with 6 or 7 rays. Scales small cycloid; lateral line absent. No pyloric caeca; spiral valve present in intestine. Total vertebrae 69-75. Color: dark bluish green dorsally, blight silver laterally and ventrally.

Similar families occurring in the area: Elopidae and Chanidae: no fanglike teeth; lateral line present. Engraulidae, Pristigasteridae, and Clupeidae: no fang-like teeth; scutes usually present on belly.

Remarks. Occurring in coastal area of Indo-West Pacific, from South Africa to Japan and Australia. Feeds on fishes. A single genus, Chirocentrus, with two species.