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Theme and purpose

“Environmental Adaptation and Speciation of Plants and Fungi”

The biological adaptation to environmental factors, such as water (including dryness and wetness), substrate (soil for plants, host for fungi and plants), light, temperature, have been clarified by modern approaches, and are increasingly receiving attraction from biologists of many different research fields. This field provides new insights into understanding various aspects (ecological, specific, genetic and biochemical level) of the biodiversity. The purpose of this symposium is to provide opportunity to disclose state-of-the-art knowledge to public by excellent scientists in the field of botany and mycology.

General Information


October 6th (Sat) - 8th (Mon), 2012


National Museum of Nature and Science
7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8718 JAPAN
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Symposium reception We will have a symposium reception on October 7.
Reception fee: 6,000Yen
*Please pay the fee in the symposium front counter on October 6 or 7.
Contact Symposium Committee
Department of Botany
National Museum of Nature and Science
4-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0005 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-29-851-5159
Facsimile: +81-29-853-8998
Email: symp2012@kahaku.go.jp


Pre-Symposium(For Public)
Date Language Presenters Admission Fee
1st day
[Oct 6(Sat)]

Takehiro Masuzawa

Shizuoka University
Kenji Horie Northern Wild Plants Garden
Norio Tanaka National Museum of Nature and Science
Satoshi Imura National Institute of Polar Research
Tsuyoshi Hosoya National Museum of Nature and Science
museum entrance fee
International Symposium
Date Language Presenters Admission Fee
2nd day
[Oct 7(Sun)]
(symposium reception
Hirokazu Tsukaya
(University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
"Genetic mechanisms of adaptation of Asparagus cladodes and other plant shoot forms."
Harald Schneider
(Natural History Museum, UK)
"Assessing the Cretaceous-Tertiary Revolution (KTR) of land plant diversity with emphasize on seed-free epiphytes."
Satoshi Koi
(Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JAPAN)
"Adaptive evolution and diversification of body plan in river-weed Podostemaceae."
Hiroaki Setoguchi
(Kyoto University, JAPAN)
"Adaptation of flowering time to different light environment along latitudinal cline in Legume plants."
Mark C. Brundrett
(Department of Environment & Conservation, AUSTRALIA)
"Evolution and adaptation of mycorrhizas in vascular plants."
Takahiro Yagame
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)
"Mycorrhizal symbioses in orchids growing under highly shaded forests."
Leho Tedersoo
(National History Museum of Tartu University, ESTONIA)
"Next Generation Sequencing in fungal ecology."
A. Elizabeth Arnold
(The University of Arizona Tucson, USA)
"Fungal endophytes from the tropics to the tundra: clues to the evolution of plant-fungal symbioses."
William Purvis
(University of Exeter, UK)
"Adaptation and interaction of lichens with metals."
Kenji Seiwa
(Tohoku University, JAPAN)
"Role of pathogens in maintaining species diversity of temperate forests."
Ching-I Peng
(Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)
"Evolution of Sino-Vietnamese limestone Begonia."
no charge

(Symposium reception fee: 6,000Yen)
Date Language Presenters Admission Fee
3rd day
[Oct 8(Mon)]
Hans Lambers
(The University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA)
"Mineral nutrition of plants in the world’s most nutrient-impoverished environments - a comparison of Macrozamia fraseri (Cycadaceae) and species belonging to the Proteaceae."
William Bond
(University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)
"Adaptation of vascular plants to vegetation fires."
Massimiliano Tattini
(Institute for Plant Protection, National Research Council, ITALY)
"Flavonoids as antioxidants in photoprotection: lessons from the past, new evidences."
Yoshinori Murai
(Keio University, JAPAN)
"Phytochemical protection of vascular plants against ultraviolet light."
Hajime Ikeda
(National Museum of Nature and Science, JAPAN)
"Local adaptation of plants to light environments and speciation."
James E. Kaldy
(US EPA, Western Ecology Division, USA)
"The potential effects of global climate change on the distribution of native and introduced Zostera seagrasses on the Pacific Coast of North America."
Tamotsu Hoshino
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)
"Fungi in cryosphere and their adaptations to frozen environments."
no charge