Audio Guide and Fun Kit

Audio guide and educational fun kit for self-guided tour are available at the Audio Guide/IC Card counter in front of the museum shop on the B1 floor in Japan gallery

Audio Guide (Player or Tablet)

Audio Guide to Permanent Exhibition

Audio Guide


The Audio Guide called “Onsei (on-say) guide” offers more than 160 items of audio commentary for permanent exhibition which can be rented with 310 JPY* per day/person first-come-first-served basis.

It is available in four languages: English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

The Japanese version provides conversational commentary with a curator/researcher in NMNS and an announcer of JOLF, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.

The Guide also offers informative commentaries on exhibits by native speakers for each language which are not just introduce our fascinated collections but also guide you deeply the world of nature and science.

(*) The rental fee for FNMNS Members and/or the holders for Repeaters Pass should be paid only first time and will be free of charge from next rental.

For the persons with disabilities are able to rent it free of charge.

KAHAKU Navigator (Ka-ha-ku navi) : Audio Guide by Tablet to Permanent Exhibition

KAHAKU Navigator

Audio guide by tablet called "Ka-ha-ku navi" offers more than 160 items of audio/text commentary for permanent exhibition with 5 different versions such as English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and for kids in Japanese which can be switch/selected easily by menu screen. It also provides a floor map and 2 movies, introducing must-see exhibits and what is a good or bad manner in the museum (mainly for kids).

The cost as rental fee is 310 JPY* per day/person first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that we will ask for your ID (i.e. driver’s license) when you rent a tablet. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

*FNMNS Members and the holders for Repeaters Pass have no benefit on renting this tablet. The persons with disabilities are able to rent it free of charge.

IC/ID Card of the museum: Keep logs of your access to the permanent exhibitions

IC card

IC card

Interactive Kiosk
(Information terminal)

The museum offers IC cards for rent free of charge for keeping log of your access to the permanent exhibitions that works based on interactive Kiosks, the information terminal which are placed at the dividing zone in the exhibition halls.
Kiosk, a touch-screen type of information terminal which provides specific information, explanation or videos on each exhibit in a zone with zone map.

Browse information in Kiosk and tick/check zone number you have viewed to write into the IC card by card reader.

English, Mandarin or Korean are available other than Japanese/Japanese for kids. On the other hand, the same content for permanent exhibition is also provided by our website as well.

Using this common content between Kiosk and the website, IC card can be used as a bridge between the museum and your home or school that might be helpful to remind you which exhibit (zone) you already viewed/checked in the past.

[ How to Use the IC Card ]

  • Visit the counter for Audio Guide/IC card which is located next to the Museum shop on the Basement 1st floor in Japan gallery, and borrow an IC card (free of charge).
  • Interactive Kiosk (as information terminal) for permanent exhibits is placed in each dividing zone in the exhibition halls. (each exhibit is belonging under a zone number.)
  • Simply touch IC card to circular targets on top of each Kiosk until making a chime sound so that your access log for the zone has been written successfully into the card. The browsing/access logs can be confirmed immediately by any Kiosk at designed space/corner in the exhibition halls called "Discovery Pocket"
  • Make sure to return the IC card to the counter and take ID card* out from the sleeve.
    *Given (different) ID number and password as an access code is mentioned on each card.
  • Once you logged-in through this page, You will be able to see your access log anywhere at home or school once you logged-in the content and clicked the icon of the exhibition. Please note that your browsing/access logs will be reflected to the content of website version the day after you wrote/rewrote data into the card.
[ Attention ]

Some of images/videos in the explanations/information are not available in the content on website version due to copyright protection.

ID Card: How to display access logs on the website

ID card

Enter ID number and password written on the ID card what you got at the museum and, login from the screen below.
Once you clicked the icon of the exhibition you have viewed then your access log (marked circle in yellow ) will be shown with floor/zone map.
Login Screen
User iD


If you are having a problem logging in, please click here.