Yuri Kimura


  • Selected Publications

    Kimura, Y., L. J. Flynn, L. L. Jacobs (in press) Early late Miocene murine rodents from the upper part of the Nagri Formation, Siwalik Group, Pakistan, with a new fossil calibration point for the Tribe Apodemurini (Apodemus/Tokudaia). Fossil Imprint.

    Kimura Y, Flynn LJ, Jacobs LL (2016) A paleontological case study for species delimitation in diverging fossil lineages. Historical Biology 28: 189-198.

    Kimura Y, Hawkins MTR, McDonough MM, Jacobs LL, Flynn LJ (2015) Corrected placement of Mus-Rattus fossil calibration forces precision in the molecular tree of rodents. Scientific Reports, 5: 14444.

    • Kimura Y, Jacobs LL, Flynn LJ (2013) Lineage-specific responses of tooth shape in murine rodents (Murinae, Rodentia) to late Miocene dietary change in the Siwaliks of Pakistan. PLoS ONE 8: e76070.

    Kimura Y, Jacobs LL, Cerling TE, Uno KT, Ferguson KM, Flynn LJ, Patnaik R (2013) Fossil mice and rats show isotopic evidence of niche partitioning and change in dental ecomorphology related to dietary shift in Late Miocene of Pakistan. PLoS ONE 8: e69308.

    Kimura Y (2013) Intercontinental dispersals of sicistine rodents (Sicistinae, Dipodidae, Rodentia) between Eurasia and North America. In: Wang X, Flynn LJ, Fortelius M, editors. Fossil Mammals of Asia: Neogene Biostratigraphy and Chronology, Columbia University Press. 656–675.

    Kimura Y, Yokoyama Y, Hirano H (2011) Stratigraphic trends in molluscan paleoecology in storm-generated shell beds from the lower shoreface deposits of the Pliocene Dainichi Formation, Kakegawa Group, central Japan. Fossil 90:5–15 [in Japanese]

    Kimura Y (2011) The earliest record of birch mice from the Early Miocene Nei Mongol, China. Naturwissenschaften 98:87–95.

    Kimura Y (2010) New material of dipodid rodents (Dipodidae, Rodentia) from the Early Miocene of Gashunyinadege, Nei Mongol, China. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30: 1860–1873.