Nobumichi ARIGA

Presentations in academic conferences

  • "Engineering the Numerical Prediction of Typhoons: The Emergence of a New Type of Meteorological Work in Japan" History of Science Society, Annual Meeting (Nov. 5, 2016, Atlanta, US)
  • "Conceptualizing the Innovation in Government White Papers: Japanese "Gijutsu-Kakushin" (Technological Innovation) in the Postwar Period" Society for the History of Technology, Annual Meeting (Jun. 23, 2016, Singapore)
  • "Models of industrial complex and maglev: Japan Pavilion of Expo '70 in the context of technological innovation" [with Osamu Kamei] ARTEFACTS XX (Sep. 22, 2015, Milan, Italy)
  • "Euler's mechanics as opposition to Leibnizian dynamics" History of Science Society, Annual Meeting (Nov. 9, 2014, Chicago, US)
  • "Euler's principle of least `effort': Development and interpretation," 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Jul. 25, 2013, Manchester, UK)