Megumi Saito-Kato

Presentations in academic conferences

  • Kato, M. and Tanimura, Y., 2004. Areola wall structure of non-marine Actinocyclus from Japan. The 18th International Diatom Symposium 2004 (Międzyzdroje, Poland).
  • Julius, M. L., Saito-Kato, M. and Tanimura, Y., 2008. Homology and the cyclostephanoid diatoms, is there congruence among molecular, morphological, and stratigraphic data? The 20th International Diatom Symposium (Dubrovnik, Croatia).
  • Saito-Kato, M., Tanimura, Y. and Julius, M.L. 2010. Evolution of cell size in Stephanodiscus suzukii from Lake Biwa with reference to life cycle strategy. The 21th International Diatom Symposium (St. Paul, Minnesota).