Shoji Hamao

Presentations in academic conferences

  • Hamao, S. 2014. Do birds recognize foreign dialect singers as the same species?: Effect of sympatric species singing similar songs. 26th International Ornithological Congress (Tokyo).
  • Hamao, S., M. J. S. Veluz & I. Nishiumi, 2006. Evolutionary relationship between the Luzon and Japanese Bush Warblers. 24th International Ornithological Congress (Germany).
  • Hamao, S. & D. Saito, 2004. Effects of mating status and matesfnesting cycle for cuckolded and cuckolder males on extrapair fertilizations in the black-browed reed warbler. 10th International Behavioural Ecology Congress (Finland).
  • Hamao, S., 2002. Nest site vulnerability in the black-browed reed warbler: an experimental study using artificial nests. Symposium gExperimental studies in sociobiology and behavioural ecologyh, In 8th International Congress of Ecology (Korea).