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Medicine as a Philanthropic Art Special Exhibition, Period:March 15,2014 - June 15,2014

Medicine and healthcare in Japan, now regarded as being on the cutting edge worldwide, got its start back in the nation's Edo Period (1603–1867). For instance, the first autopsy of a human body in Japan was performed by Yamawaki Tōyō, and knowledge derived from his efforts set the stage for the practice throughout Japan. Moreover, Sugita Genpaku's Japanese translation of the Dutch-language anatomy text the "New Book of Anatomy" (Kaitai Shinsho) led to rapid popularization of Dutch studies throughout Japan. The book also introduced herbalists and others in Japan to knowledge regarding structures of the human body that they could use to help humanity.

The exhibition overall showcases rare anatomical drawings from the Edo Period and other historically-significant works, as well as medical instruments and other such artifacts of the era, while the special exhibition "Medicine as a Philanthropic Art" looks at how Japanese practitioners drew on traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in ultimately bringing about the nation's own developments in the medical field for the benefit of humanity.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition include recently-discovered hanging scrolls (kakejiku) signed by Sugita Genpaku, along with Yamawaki Tōyō's original book titled "Zoshi" (On Internal Organs) on display to the public for the first time ever.

The exhibit also features a state-of-the-art 3D printer that can create models of internal organs under the theme visualization of the human body, and otherwise introduces some of Japan's advanced medical technologies that have come to be highly-acclaimed around the globe.

Period March 15,2014 - June 15,2014
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